Specialist in thermal-oil backing technology and wood baking stoves!

Scope of our services

In addition to construction of new and maintenance of existing baking ovens and systems we offer any services within the oven technology including construction works.

  • Assembly, disassembly, conversion of baking ovens and plants
  • Factory reconditioning of small, large and tunnel thermal-oil ovens
  • Assurance of spare part production by our own modern machinery
  • Reconstruction of air ducts in thermal-oil wagon ovens of any manufacturer to improve baking performance
  • Chimneys for exhaust gas, steam and vapours including planning and construction - also with heat recovery
  • We continuously keep used baking ovens, especially thermal-oil units, as well as other brands ready for you
  • Using our modern stainless steel production techniques we can produce any specific bakery equipment items that you may need.
  • Along with the modern oven equipment we produce and maintain stonewall baking ovens of traditional design..

The baking oven related service you need is not mentioned here? Talk to us and we will find a solution.

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